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Is Your Living (Revocable) Trust Funded?

If your goal is to avoid probate, don’t miss the second step in trust-setup – funding. After you have implemented a well-thought-out estate plan, it is a good idea to review things with an estate planning attorney from time to time.  Just so yo…
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What is a Health Care Power of Attorney and Do I Need One?

A health care power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes another person (your agent) to make health care decisions for you whenever you are unable to make informed health care decisions for yourself.  It also allows your agent to obtain y…
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Do I Need A Trust?

One of the most common question I get asked by estate planning clients is “Do I need a Trust?” The answer I usually give to that question is “It depends.” In many cases establishing a trust is the best way to accomplish your estate planning g…
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Should I Pay a Lawyer to Prepare My Will or Just Download a Will Online?

Clients and potential clients ask me this question several times a year. There are several websites that offer legal forms, such as a Last Will and Testament template, for a fee. The companies behind these websites are trying to make money by offerin…
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