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Probate estate and trust administration are processes by which a deceased person’s assets are collected and inventoried, debts and creditors are paid, and the remaining assets are distributed to beneficiaries and loved ones.

If a parent, family member, or close friend recently passed away, you may have been named as the Estate Executor in their Last Will and Testament or as Trustee in their Trust Agreement. The responsibility of administering an estate or trust can seem overwhelming, especially during such a stressful time. You probably have questions, and may not know where to turn.

At Bolin & Troy, LLC, our experienced probate lawyers have been helping Ohioans in Butler County, Preble County, and Hamilton County since 1997. Based in Oxford, Ohio, and with offices in Fairfield and Harrison, Ohio, the probate attorneys at Bolin & Troy are prepared to serve your family’s probate, estate, and trust administration needs.

Estate and Trust Administration

When a person dies, their estate must be opened in the probate court of the county where they resided. If the person dies with a Last Will and Testament (i.e.., testate) the Will names an estate executor to be responsible for handling the deceased person’s affairs. If a person dies without a Will (i.e., intestate) an estate administrator must be appointed by the probate court.

At Bolin & Troy, our experienced estate administration lawyers will assist you at all stages of the probate process. We provide notice to all interested parties about the opening of the estate, ensure that the Will is properly admitted to probate, and that the estate Executor or Administrator obtains the necessary Letters of Authority to put the deceased person's affairs in order. We will investigate any claims made against the estate, attend to all legally enforceable debts and obligations and any relevant estate and income taxes, and carry out the instructions of the deceased person and the probate court to distribute the remaining assets to the deceased person's heirs.

When required, the experienced estate and trust attorneys at Bolin & Troy will also assist in administering a Trust. Because probate, estate and trust administration are complex legal processes, and because the stakes can be high, the assistance of an attorney experienced in probate, estate and trust administration is essential.

Because probate and estate & trust administration are complex legal processes, and because the stakes can be high, the assistance of an experienced probate and estate & trust administration attorney is essential.

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