Real Estate Law and Title Services in Oxford, Ohio

Real Estate Attorneys and Title Agents Serving Southwest Ohio, Including Butler County, Preble County, and Hamilton County

The experienced real estate and title insurance lawyers at Bolin & Troy, LLC, have been serving the needs of Butler, Preble, and Hamilton Counties. Handling both residential and commercial real estate transactions, we represent buyers, sellers, and lenders and offer competitive rates that give you peace of mind in knowing that your real estate transaction will proceed smoothly, that your rights are being protected, and that you will have a clear understanding of your duties and obligations in the transfer of ownership of land.

Our commercial and residential real estate services include:

  • Writing and reviewing real estate purchase and sale contracts,
  • Title searches and resolution of title defects,
  • Preparation of deeds, leases, easements, mortgages, and other real estate documents,
  • Real estate closings - both cash closings and lender financed closings,
  • Title insurance as a licensed agent for First American Title Insurance Company,
  • Real estate considerations, estate planning or business planning,
  • Lot splits and consolidations,
  • Like-kind (1031) exchanges,
  • Condominium and homeowners association formation, and
  • Real estate litigation and dispute resolution.

Hire an Experienced Ohio Real Estate Attorney Before Problems Arise

Bolin & Troy’s real estate practice is led by Attorney Matt Troy, who is an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Specialist in Residential Real Property Law. Drawing upon this rare level of expertise and experience, we are able to assist clients with complicated real estate issues and transactions, including the sale or purchase of residential and commercial property. It is important to get an experienced Ohio real estate attorney involved early on in the process. It is easier, and will save you money long term, if we help you avoid problems, rather than try to fix them after the fact.

Many real estate transactions involve unique circumstances that require the expertise of an experienced real estate and title attorney. If your real estate transaction involves anything unusual—like restrictions on how the new owner will develop the land, granting an easement allowing the seller to access a main road or another part of property, or dividing a piece of land to sell less than the whole property—you'll need the assistance of an experienced Ohio real estate attorney. By hiring Bolin & Troy, you will benefit from working with a lawyer who has significant experience in the practice of Ohio real estate law, and who also knows and understands real estate property in Preble County, Butler County, and Hamilton County.

Bolin & Troy Can Assist With Your Title Insurance Needs

In addition to being Ohio attorneys, Rob Bolin and Matt Troy are licensed title agents for the First American Title Insurance Company. Because no transaction is completely without risk, title insurance can help protect your investment against any title defects and protect your ownership of the property. Your home and other real estate is often one of the largest purchases or sales you will ever make, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. To protect your investment and your legal rights, go with a lawyer who can provide both peace of mind and financial insurance.

What is title insurance, and why do I need it?

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If you're buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, it's important to have an experienced Ohio real estate lawyer on your side. At Bolin & Troy, we help protect your investment, and offer you peace of mind knowing that your real estate transaction will go smoothly.

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