Client Testimonials

I was the executor for my Aunt’s estate and needed someone to guide us through the legal process. Rob has been our family’s lawyer for many years and we decided that he would be in the best position to guide us through the process.

Rob was very knowledgeable about the legal requirements for settling estates. He was very proactive such that we didn’t have to worry about missing documents/deadlines. This allowed my family to focus on other issues related to my aunt’s passing.

We found Rob to be very reasonably priced and very communicative such that we were aware at all times of what was occurring with the courts. We found this very helpful. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Mr. Bolin for those needing help with items requiring legal assistance with estates and the legal journey associated with the court system.

– Gary Thompson, Probate Estate Client (West Chester, Ohio)

Rob has provided legal services to my clients and myself for many years. Always professional and very knowledge[able]. My clients constantly tell me how pleased they are and continue to ask for his legal advice. Rob responds to my calls quickly and has been a real asset to our firm.

– Linda Horn-Grubbs, President and CEO, Capital Concepts Inc. (Harrison, Ohio)

You will find both individuals and the firm kind, capable, and compassionate. No egos and no agendas here. Just solid legal help. I didn't share that I had previously practiced law and, as such, I was able to interact as a client as opposed to a fellow lawyer. I was impressed with the careful, patient explanations and the absence of condescension. Good, solid advisors.

– David T., Estate Planning Client (Oxford, Ohio)

I was looking for a lawyer to help with handling the disposition of my mother's estate. She died without a will and my family wanted to make sure that it was handled correctly. I chose you because you had given me help in the past (with wills for myself and my wife and for a power-of-attorney for my son entering the Army).

You explained how my mother's estate could be handled in a simple and inexpensive way. You also prepared all documentation and filings with the court, as well as providing good advice to us.

We have always found you to be helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible. I would definitely recommend you for someone seeking legal assistance.

– Ryan Barilleaux, Probate Estate Client (Hamilton, Ohio)

It has been my pleasure to work with the Bolin & Troy Law Firm for more than a few years. As an appraiser and auctioneer I have worked with many law firms and consider this firm among the best. For many people, they only settle one estate in their lifetime and have many questions on which they need advice and they need the advice in a timely manner. This firm is among the very best in getting back to clients in a timely manner, many many times my questions have been answered during my initial call with no need for a return call. The office staff are experienced professionals that one can depend upon.

Oft times the importance of paralegals and secretaries is underestimated. These people in this organization make things go more smoothly and faster. An administrator or executor will be well served by the folks from Bolin & Troy.

– Doug Ross, Auctioneer and Probate Estate Client

Following the unexpected death of my husband, I needed counsel about what I needed to do. I initially contacted Matt Troy because I knew his wife, but shortly after I set up the appointment, I found in my husband’s papers that Matt had in fact set up my husband’s LLC. Once I met with Matt, I felt extremely comfortable with his guidance. I knew from his family background with our church that he was trustworthy, and he was always very patient with my questions, given that I was in unfamiliar territory and emotionally upset over my husband’s death.

Matt assisted with transition of our properties and vehicles to me through the entire probate process. He also reviewed my will and made sure everything was in order. Since that time he has also assisted in drawing up documents related to the sale of my two Ohio properties and will be overseeing the closing of the refinance of my rental home, including adding my son to the deed. I will be reviewing my estate plan with him before moving out of state shortly.

Many people are wary of attorneys and the legal process in general. Knowing whom to trust is critical. I would tell anyone looking to find an attorney with whom they can feel comfortable and who will treat their concerns with care, you could not do better than Matt Troy.

– Debbie Freels, Probate Estate, Business, and Real Estate Client

I was looking for an attorney to help update our family wills. My previous attorney was my brother, who was no longer practicing law. He had provided all of our legal advice and I trusted him completely to always look out for my best interests. I thought it would be impossible to find anyone I trusted as much.

I knew Matt Troy and his family from our church so I contacted him. Matt was great - he helped us craft a will that would grow and change as our family did. In addition, he took the time to explain other estate planning issues we should be considering.

A few years later we needed an attorney for some real estate transactions, and again I turned to Matt. Matt's research on the past history of the properties was thorough and he offered great advice or what obstacles we might face in the future. Unlike other transactions of this kind, we were not surprised with any hidden or extra fees on the closing documents. They were the easiest real estate transactions I had ever been a part of. Matt does look after my best interests and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable attorney they can trust.

– L.H. - Estate Planning and Real Estate Client (Butler County Ohio)

With confidence, I have referred many people to Bolin & Troy, LLC knowing that they will be well served. Rob and Matt have worked to assist me on numerous occasions and their expertise has benefited my company and clients immensely. The law firm’s skill, attention to detail, and strong sense of organization have been well represented in the areas of estates, legal documents, and real estate closings. Rob and Matt have an exceptional work ethic which has always been professional and timely; furthermore, it is engrained with dedication. They are very personable individuals whose calm demeanor easily gains the trust of my clients with whom they have worked. It is a privilege to know such caring and capable men who represent their business and community with admirable character and integrity. I am pleased to recommend Bolin & Troy, LLC and believe their work would, not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

– David R. Brate, Real Estate Broker, Brate & Co.

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