Following the unexpected death of my husband, I needed counsel about what I needed to do. I initially contacted Matt Troy because I knew his wife, but shortly after I set up the appointment, I found in my husband’s papers that Matt had in fact set up my husband’s LLC. Once I met with Matt, I felt extremely comfortable with his guidance. I knew from his family background with our church that he was trustworthy, and he was always very patient with my questions, given that I was in unfamiliar territory and emotionally upset over my husband’s death.

Matt assisted with transition of our properties and vehicles to me through the entire probate process. He also reviewed my will and made sure everything was in order. Since that time he has also assisted in drawing up documents related to the sale of my two Ohio properties and will be overseeing the closing of the refinance of my rental home, including adding my son to the deed. I will be reviewing my estate plan with him before moving out of state shortly.

Many people are wary of attorneys and the legal process in general. Knowing whom to trust is critical. I would tell anyone looking to find an attorney with whom they can feel comfortable and who will treat their concerns with care; you could not do better than Matt Troy.