I was looking for an attorney to help update our family wills. My previous attorney was my brother, who was no longer practicing law. He had provided all of our legal advice and I trusted him completely to always look out for my best interests. I thought it would be impossible to find anyone I trusted as much.

I knew Matt Troy and his family from our church so I contacted him. Matt was great - he helped us craft a will that would grow and change as our family did. In addition, he took the time to explain other estate planning issues we should be considering.

A few years later we needed an attorney for some real estate transactions, and again I turned to Matt. Matt's research on the past history of the properties was thorough and he offered great advice or what obstacles we might face in the future. Unlike other transactions of this kind, we were not surprised with any hidden or extra fees on the closing documents. They were the easiest real estate transactions I had ever been a part of. Matt does look after my best interests and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable attorney they can trust.