Why Choose Bolin & Troy, LLC

Experienced Trust & Estate, Real Estate and Business Lawyers

A small-town ethic is at the foundation of everything we do here at Bolin & Troy, LLC. We are based in Oxford, Ohio, the home of Miami University, and we take our role as trusted advisors and advocates very seriously. Our attorneys bring a level of diverse experience and expertise that goes well beyond that of a typical small-town firm.

Our practice is focused on three often interrelated areas of law: trust & estate, real estate, and business law. Estates often contain real estate and closely held businesses. Effective trust and estate planning or estate administration often requires an expert level understanding of how to deal with complicated real property and business issues. Similarly, business planning for closely held family businesses is often intimately tied to estate planning, and real estate transactions frequently require a knowledge of the estate administration process and business law. Our firm has attorneys who are OSBA certified experts in both trust and estate planning and real estate law.

Beyond our technical expertise, we are very aware of how important our services are to the lives and futures of our clients and their families. We see ourselves as trusted confidants, not just technical experts. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ trust in us is well placed.